A new partnership for a safer future

twICEme Technology today announced an initiated partnership with the innovative New Zealand equipment producer ZERO Height Safety. The partnership aims to increase the level of safety for workers within the construction and industrial sectors globally through twICEme’s integrated technology for accessible vital information in safety helmets and harnesses.

The collaboration is the result of the increasing awareness globally, within construction and industrial sectors, for improved data access to vital information when an emergency occurs. twICEme Technology and ZERO Height Safety will bring a new generation of products to market in 2021.

The concept provided by twICEme Technology operates via an integrated hardware that is placed directly within the personal protective equipment. Today, their solution can be found in sports gear like bike helmets and ski helmets, and in professional safety equipment like safety helmets and fall protection harnesses. The hardware is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) which provides seamless access to vital information through a tap of a smartphone (the same technology as paying with your smartphone).

“Our goal is to create a global standard for access to vital information to contribute to safer workplaces for people. This partnership with Zero Height Safety further confirms the large interest in implementing digital safety measures within the construction and industrial sectors on a global scale”,
Christian Connolly, CEO of twICEme Technology.

Improving safety within the construction industry

All data is locally stored directly on the integrated twICEme hardware for data security which is then able to be read both with the free twICEme®️ mobile app and also without the app on any smartphone. The hardware is a passive device that does not have any tracking functionality so a mobile network or internet connection is not required to access the information through the app. The hardware reads through magnetic induction by energizing the device to transfer the data so it requires no batteries.

The benefit of the twICEme®️ concept is that in an emergency vital information of a person can be immediately accessed when completing a patient assessment.

The Swedish based technology company has also initiated partnerships with innovative brands such as the Scandinavian frontrunner Guardio Safety, the American brand STUDSON and the European innovator Fall Safe to drive a change towards safer workplaces. The collaborations, resulting in highly innovative products, have been praised by the industry and have gained international recognition.

The growing requirement to improve safety within the construction industry is mounting due to the high risks associated with the work. In the USA, during 2018 one out of five workplace related deaths occurred on construction sites. Meanwhile, implementation of safety and prevention programs cost 2,5% on average of the total project cost while injuries accounted for around 6-9% of project costs.

Safety, guaranteed.

All of our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories, is marked with CE compliance and conforms to all relevant AS/NZS and EN safety codes.

Our production ensures you perfect quality through strict inspection and testing during manufacturing and sales processes.

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