Recognising the need for improved safety

At ZERO®, we recognize the need for change to improve the safety of those who carry out work in challenging environments. We believe that zero tolerance is essential to the fall protection and safety industry, simply because our lives depend on it.

For the last 20 years, ZERO® has been at the forefront of height safety throughout Australasia. Our equipment is the result of extensive global research, innovation and design.

ZERO® Height Safety is 100% New Zealand owned & operated. Celebrating 20 years of market leadership in fall protection solutions.

The materials used to manufacture our product are largely made in the European Union: fabric, webbing, bias, rope-lines, thread, reinforcements.


Our vision

To make safety an instinctive culture.


Our purpose

To provide innovative safety solutions to stay protected in challenging environments.


He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

Our range of products

Our equipment is the result of extensive global research, innovation and a design ethos to create a zero harm environment for the Fall Protection Safety industry. Our safety equipment is fast becoming known for advanced protection and best performance whilst representing outstanding value for certified safety equipment. Always attentive to the needs of the industry, we are constantly developing new, innovative and ergonomic products that combine user comfort, precision engineering and strictest safety codes.

Our Height Safety and Fall Arrest Protection equipment include; Safety Harnesses, Rope Access Harnesses, Height Safety Kits, Height Safety Helmets, Lanyards, Work Positioning devices, Anchor Devices, Fall Arresters, Self Retracting Lifelines, Fall Arrest Blocks, Static Ropes and Ropelines, Connectors Snaphooks Carabiners and Hardware, Confined Space, Tripods and Winches, Rescue Equipment, Rigging Equipment, Kit Bags and Accessories.

Our products

  • Constructed with top quality state of the art materials
  • Meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • Meet the requirements of the Fall Protection Standards

Zero tolerance is essential to height safety – because our lives depend on it.

ZERO equipment is the result of extensive global research, innovation and a design ethos to create a ZERO harm environment for the Fall Protection Safety industry.

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SKYLOTEC offers an extensive range of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPE) and products for permanent fall protection: harnesses, ropes, carabiners, abseiling equipment and rescue equipment, fall arresters, horizontal anchor systems, climbing protection ladders, anchor points, protective clothing and much more besides.

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CAMP Safety specialise in industrial rope access, abseil, height safety & rescue equipment. With the intent to improve comfort, effectiveness in action, operational efficiency and above all; safety.

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Light weight, comfort, effectiveness, modularity, ergonomy, efficiency are just some of the keywords that are associated to the CAMP Sport brand.

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Safety, guaranteed.

All of our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories, is marked with CE compliance and conforms to all relevant AS/NZS and EN safety codes.

Our production ensures you perfect quality through strict inspection and testing during manufacturing and sales processes.

Can we help you with

We're committed to providing the best customer service, and each team member is fully trained in height safety so we can help you with any questions you have about any of our products.